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    Welcome to the XLCubed Online Help

    XLCubed is an Excel add-in that allows you to quickly and easily create reports from various sources, primarily Analysis Services cubes but with the introduction of Version 7 now a wide range of relational data sources.

    XLCubed delivers a powerful analysis, reporting and dashboard solution that unites rich OLAP capabilities centred in the familiar environment of Excel. Combined with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, other ODBO OLAP servers and OLE DB compatible data sources, XLCubed through its Excel and Web Editions provides:

    • the security and integrity of an enterprise BI deployment needed to maintain a single version of the truth
    • the familiarity, flexibility and freedom of spreadsheet reporting and analysis but directly connected to data reducing spreadsheet risk
    • modern data visualization capabilities to deliver maximum contextual insight into the hands of the business users
    • true thin client delivery of authored Excel reports for interactive dynamic content on the Web

    XLCubed has been designed to allow you to quickly produce basic PivotTable-style reports (Grids) without compromising performance, while still letting you access the complexity of a full OLAP implementation using Formula-based reports. For a brief comparison of these styles of reporting, see Grid vs. Formula-based Reporting Key Differences.

    XLCubed requires Excel to be running before it can be used, and its functionality is available through the XLCubed ribbon within Excel once the add-in has been installed. Whenever a copy of Excel is started with the Add-in, you will see XLCubed in the Excel ribbon.

    Getting Started

    To begin you will need a copy of XLCubed. You can download it here.

    The Quickstart video will give you a brief introduction to XLCubed. You can also download the User guide to read offline.