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Propagate Across Sheets

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Propagate Across Sheets allows the creation of one or more worksheets based on the current worksheet, with members of one hierarchy swapped for other selections.


To activate the function, right-click on the selected member for the hierarchy you want to propagate (on either a Grid or an XL3Member formula), and choose the elements which you want to create additional sheets for. On the new sheets, the formatting and print layout are identical, with the only change being the selected member on the propagated hierarchy.

There are a few options that affect the results:

Insert as Text 
The result will vary depending on what was clicked to perform the propagation:
  • If a formula was right-clicked, the resulting worksheet(s) will have all their formulae converted to values
  • If a Grid was right-clicked, the corresponding Grid on the target worksheet(s) will be converted to values
Keep all Grids active on new sheet 
With a multi-grid source sheet even if only one grid is propagated all grids will be copied and be active on new sheet
Move Grid references to new sheet 
Any copied Grids will have any Excel range references moved to their new worksheet

Advanced Propagate

Version 7.2 introduces advanced propagation - this allows the results to be based on a particular data query, for example: give me a new sheet for each product with sales greater than x or any of the other Ranking, Sorting and Filtering options.

Create new Workbook

Version 7.5 adds a new option to propagate to a new workbook. This will create a new workbook and populate it with all the new Worksheets.

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