Version 6.5

New Features



SharePoint web part

iPad/iPhone app

Level based formatting

Support for 'Initial Value' setting on Dimension Slicers

New formula to change grid and slicer properties and hierarchy positioning - XL3SetProperty

New formula to run update SQL - XL3RunSQL

Easy setup for interactive links to other XLCubed Web Reports - XL3WebReportLink

Handling for dynamic images in Web Reports - XL3DynamicPicture

Member Search as a Report filter

Transparent Charts Support

XL3MemberNavigate now supports non-empty

Supports Between for grid date range handling

Member Aliasing through XL3MemberAlias

IfError() support on the web

New formula to return logged on user in Excel and Web - XL3UserName

Support for Auto refresh on XLCubedWeb Reports

Improved sub totalling (now handles one dimension on rows)

Connection Mapping