Access Control for File-based Repositories

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The Web Repository, visible in the left hand pane of the web application, is simply a folder on the Web Server within which additional subfolders can be added. For file-based and hybrid repositories, all published reports are held within the Repository folder, or subfolders within it. The permissions for the repository can be controlled by clicking on Repository Access:


You will be presented with the form for maintaining which groups have access and the level (write for publishing reports, or read-only for viewing reports only):


Finer control can be maintained by navgating to the Repository folder in windows explorer. The folder location will by default be:


Additional folders can be added as required, at the level immediately beneath the Repository folder itself, for example one folder per user group. If the user has the permissions, they can maintain the folder structure by right-clicking on the Publish Report screen in the Excel client. Windows permissions determine which folders are visible within the web application to any given user, e.g. can be configured such that the 'Sales' function cannot see the 'Finance' function folder and vice versa. This is all handled transparently by the application, and set at the Windows folder level permissions level. The same logic is true of read/write vs. a read-only split between user groups.

The temp folder should also have these permissions set on it. Its default location is:


Note that every user has a 'My Reports' folder, which is the equivalent of 'My Documents' in Windows, and is only accessible by the individual user. These are held in the location below:


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