Accessing XLCubed Web reports from SharePoint and other portals

XLCubed Web reports can be accessed either through the Web Edition homepage, or accessed directly by URL within other portals.

To get the URL for a specific report, in the homepage of XLCubed Web:

  • Click on the View parameters for this report icon:


  • Then press the Get Url button:


The provided URL can be used to embed the report within other portals and frames as required. In the case of SharePoint, the URL is used within a sitelink web part.

Additional configuration options accessible as suffixes on the URL are:

HorizontalScrollbar true/false
VerticalScrollbar true/false
SheetTabs true/false
Toolbar true/false
DefaultTargetFrame text

For example, for the report above, to include the toolbar in the rendered version, the URL would become:


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