Advanced Workbook Open Options

From Version 8, XLCubed allows you to have more control when opening a workbook. To access these advanced options, hold down the Shift key when opening the workbook.

Version 9 now uses the Ctrl key and includes the "Disabled XLCubed" option without needing to enable it first

Manage the workbook connections
Allows you to edit or remove any invalid connections in the workbook before XLCubed attempts to connect or refresh any data.
Disable XLCubed for this workbook
Prevents any XLCubed functionality from running while this workbook is active. This includes all data access, formulae and dialogs. This option is hidden by default. To enable it, select the XLCubed > Options > XLCubed Options > User Interaction tab > Hold Shift key to disable workbooks while opening option.
Enable 'design mode' for this workbook
Turns on Workbook Design Mode. XLCubed functionality will still be available but no queries will be run unless explicitly told to.
Continue normally
XLCubed will continue to run as usual