Business Charts

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Absolute Variance

MC Variance.png
Displays the variance between two values, often between the budget and actual values.

Relative Variance (%)

Displays the relative variance between two values.
MC VariancePercentLolliplot.png

Integrated Variance

MC ValuesWithVarianceOffsetBar.png
Shows the actual and variance in the same chart with colour indicating the direction of the variance.

Indicator Comparison

Shows actual and target values in one chart. The arrow position and colour indicate the target value and direction of the variance.
MC ValuesWithVarianceArrow.png

Offset Comparison

MC ValuesCompare.png
Shows actual and target values in one chart. The actuals are prominent while the target values can still be referred to.

Business Scenario

Shows actual and forecats values in one series. By default the actual values are used where available otherwise the forecast is show, however you can specify the first forecast member to override this behaviour.
MC ValuesWithForecastTwoColumns.png


MC Waterfall.png
Show the structural breakdown of business attributes. Totals and sub-totals can be specified either on individual elements (right-click) or using member properties if available in the cube.

Variance Waterfall

Specialised waterfall chart to show the breakdown of a change by a business attribute. Select the time periods to analyse and then the attribute to show detail by.

Outputting cells If you have split by a different category hierarchy and want to output the category to excel then you can pick a range of two cells to put the values in. The first will contain the date member, the second the split-by member.
MC WaterfallPeriodComparison.png

Trend Comparison

MC ValuesCompareLines.png
Shows two time series and their variance, colours indicate direction of the variance.

Trend Comparison (Cumulative)

Shows two time lines as cumulative totals, and indicates the total variance over time.
MC ValuesCompareLinesCumulative.png

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