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==See Also==
==See Also==
*[[Cube Comments/Version 9.1]]
*[[Cube Comments/Version 9.1]]
[[Category:Cube Commentary]]

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Comment Frames allow for the display of comments within a report. They can be used in 2 main ways:

1) Tied to a specified Grid, where they display all comments for the Grid, filtered by the current selections in place.

2) Tied to an Excel range containing uniquenames. Typically this approach would be used to display either higher level comments, or to build a report directly on the comments users have entered.

Comment frames are added from the Visualise menu.


Comment Frames Based on a Grid

Right click on the comment frame to edit. Under the 'Main settings' tab, select which grid you would like the comment frame to show comments from.


Comment Frames Based on an Excel Range

A comment frame does not need a grid to be able to display comments. Simply insert a comment frame as usual and under the 'Main Settings' tab, select "Show comments based on Excel range". You will need to select the range the comment frame will be based on (i.e. which members you want to see comments for) and the connection.


When referencing an Excel range, the range must contain uniquenames. This is typically populated by a slicer which has the 'Update range with selection' property set (see Dimension Slicers). The range can be one or more columns.

1 Column: Comments are retrieved for all members in the range

2 or more columns: Comments are retrieved for the combinations held in each row. For example, if I select the range B1:C2 shown below, the comment frame will display any comments based on Bikes and Canada or Accessories and Canada.


Only show comments...

The setting "Only show comments where all members on row match" handles the following scenerio.

Assuming a cube with 3 dimensions: Product, Period & Country

With that setting enabled each row is treated like an XL3CubeCommentLookup (i.e. it would find comments only for the exact slice defined in the rows) any hierarchies not specified assume the default member:

Bike, 2010 – Would return comments for bikes in 2010 for the “All” Country member

Without that setting enable it will just match based on the members there:

Bike, 2010 – Would return comments for bikes in 2010 for the any Country member

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