Creating Reports in Web Edition

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Connecting to the XLCubed web server in a browser window shows a similar display as below:

Icon Description
ToggleTree Toggle Tree
AdhocGrid Adhoc Grid

In this case the right hand side of the window shows a history of reports run. To create a new report in Web edition, click on Adhoc Grid and you will see the following display:

You will see a list of the servers, databases and cubes to which you have connected previously. To create a new connection, enter the name of the server in the lower half of the window and then click connect. You will then be presented with a full list of databases on that server. Select a database and on the right-hand side you will see the cubes on that server and database to which you have access.

Select a cube – you will be presented with the following screen:

Drag items from the Available Hierarchies list to the Headers, Columns and Rows. Next, double-click each member and in the right-hand area of the window (this is also referred to as the Member Selector area) you can drill-down to select the member to display. In this example I have double-clicked on Measures which has expanded in the Member Selector area to allow me to select the measure, Reseller Sales Amount. I can double-click or drag across to the right-hand side to select.

You can use SHIFT and click or CTRL and click as normal to select members when you are selecting more than one member. Clicking OK will display the report as follows:

You can double-click on entries in the grid to drill-down.