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=See also=
=See also=
* [[XL3Comment]]
* [[XL3CubeComment]]
* [[XL3GridComment]]
* [[XL3GridComment]]
* [[SQL Repository]]
* [[SQL Repository]]

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Cube text commentary was introduced in Version 8.1. It allows users to enter text commentary against data slices. It depends on Web Edition running under the SQL Repository

Admin Setup

There are several levels of commenting allowed. These can be set at a group or user level in the XLCubed Web SQL Admin Tool. The levels are:

  • (None) - Cannot see or enter comments
  • Comment view - Can see existing comments but cannot enter new comments
  • Comment Entry - Can see existing comments and can enter new comments, can edit and delete own comments
  • Full control (admin) - Can see existing comments, enter new comments and edit/delete any comment


Grids can be set to display comments via the Grid Properties ( XLCubed > Properties > Appearance ) and set to allow comments to be entered via the Grid Properties ( XLCubed > Properties > Interaction )

Once enabled any users of the reports can view and enter comments based on the access they have been granted.

Viewing and entering comments

Comments are displayed as Excel comments - clicking on the cell and selecting the "Comment" grid ribbon item will display a timeline view of all comments and allow a new comment to be entered based on permissions and if the grid allows comment entry.

Comments can be highly-formatted, but text color changes will not be shown in Excel based comments but will show in the "Comments" form and on the web.


Editing and Deleting comments

If you are set as a "Comment Admin" you can delete and edit any comments, otherwise with normal "Comment Entry" access you can only edit and delete comments created by yourself


The Grid ribbon includes an option to search for comments based on a cube slice, user or comment contents


The following formula can be used to either display or enter comments:

  • XL3GridComment - used to display the most recent comments for a given grid, this is useful for providing a "Printable" sheet with comments
  • XL3CubeComment - Can display and allow comment entry for a particular cube slice. This can be combined with slicers to allow comments to be based on the "Current View" of a report, or without any Hierarchy/Members to provide a general workbook comment.

Web Edition

Comments can be viewed and entered in XLCubed Web Edition by right-clicking on a comment enabled grid or XL3CubeComment formula and selecting the "Comment" option

Workbook Level Comments

By default, comments are shared over all workbooks. There is a workbook option to control this, if workbook level comments are enabled you will be given a unique key, this can be edited or shared to allow the same comments to be shared over different workbooks, for example "BUDGET 2015".

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