Customising web config

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There are several settings that administrators can edit in the web.config file to alter the default behaviour of XLCubedWeb.

If these don't exist in the <appSettings> section they can be added.

  • StartupReport - Replaces the default startup page with the specified report. The report should be in the form:
   <add key="StartupReport" value="Folder/reportname.xml"/> 

  • CustomHelpUrl - Allows you to direct your users to a custom help portal you have created.
  • ProgressBarUrl - Sets a custom image for the progress bar.
  • ProgressBarCss - Custom css class for the progress image. Built in values are "xl3-progress", the standard position and "xl3-progress-center" which centers the image.
  • AllowHtmlColon - Allows outputting or raw html into workbooks. True/False.
  • CustomerLogo - Allows you to include a custom logo in the XLCubedWeb header area. The image must be under 32px in height
  • ShowReportsBeforeFolders - New in Version 8.1. Set to True to display reports before sub-folders
  • UsePathsForSQLRepository - New in Version 8.1. Set to True so that the "Get URL" or reports selected in the SharePoint web part are referred to using the path rather then a Guid when running the SQL Repository
  • KeepAlive - New in Version 8.1. Set to True to allow XLCubed to make a web request to the server every minute to keep the session alive, and stop open reports from expiring.
  • GoogleMapsJavascriptUri and GoogleMapsMarkerManJavascriptUri - New in Version 8.1. Allows specifying a non-default location for the map javascript. Useful when is not reachable, e.g. in China.
  • RespositoryFolderMenu - New in Version 8.1.23. Enable or disable "Delete/Rename" right-click options on a folder
  • RespositoryFileMenu - New in Version 8.1.23. Enable or disable "Delete/Rename" right-click options on reports