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Steps to check when XLCubed addin does not appear after installation

XLL/COM addin appears in disabled list

Check it is not in Disabled Items in Excel

1. Select File, Options, Add-Ins as below:


2. Select Manage, Disabled Items from the drop down and Go.

3. If there are any Disabled Items they will appear in the following window.


4. You will have to select, enable everything in the list (any disabled items will impact the other addins, even if it's not XLCubed) and close this window before restarting Excel.

XLL may not be registered

You can use the Enable or Disable XLCubed item in the Windows Start menu.

If this doesn't work, the following command should be run to register XLCubed assemblies.

Windows Start button > Run then, depending on your computer:

"C:\Program Files\XLCubed Ltd\XLCubed\XLCubed.Excel.Installer.Utility.exe" /reg
"C:\Program Files (x86)\XLCubed Ltd\XLCubed\XLCubed.Excel.Installer.Utility.exe" /reg

XLL/COM addin is disabled but hidden from the list

Check it is not in Disabled Items in Registry

Check it is not appearing as a disabled item in the registry. Sometimes Excel may not list it as disabled item even though it is disabled in the Registry.

Look in the following location:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Excel\Resiliency\Disabled Items

The sub-folder below Office in the above location varies depending on the version of Office:

  • Office 2007: 12.0
  • Office 2010: 14.0
  • Office 2013: 15.0
  • Office 2016: 16.0

and so on.

If there is an entry in the above registry location you will need to delete it.

If you do not have administrator privileges you can download and run the application referenced in Removing any disabled items from registry section.

Excel Options registry key has a missing add-in

Look in the following location (adjust the version number as above):


If the XLCubed add-in is present but is preceded by a blank or corrupted add-in, it will not load. For example, if it is present in OPEN1, but OPEN is blank, then Excel will stop loading add-ins before loading XLCubed.

This problem has the distinctive behaviour that if you re-add the add-in from Excel, the ribbon will appear, but will again fail to load next time Excel is opened.

Check that all prerequisites are installed

For a full list, see the Prerequisites page.

Run the fix utility on the installation

Run the following command as an elevated administrator:

"C:\Program Files\XLCubed Ltd\XLCubed\XLCubed.Excel.Installer.Utility.exe" /fix
"C:\Program Files (x86)\XLCubed Ltd\XLCubed\XLCubed.Excel.Installer.Utility.exe" /fix

Rename your XLCubed settings folder

Use Explorer to browse to %appdata%\XLCubed Ltd, and rename the XLCubed Excel Edition folder.

Reboot your computer

Recent Windows Updates and other software installations can sometimes leave software components in an unusable state until the computer is restarted.

Are XLCubed Functions working?

Open the Excel workbook, put =XL3Lookup in any cell and click anywhere. If #NAME? appears where you entered =XL3Lookup that means the functions are also not working. If there is a number in that location it means that XLCubed functions are working but the ribbon is not loading.

Is there a conflict with other addins?

Untick them all – then tick each, one by one, till you find the one that is conflicting with XLCubed.

Are other addins also disabled?

Enable all other add-ins that are disabled.

Is the Automation Security Level too restrictive?

This usually only applies if the Microsoft Office security settings are managed via Group Policy by your domain administrator, or were configured via the Office Customization Tool.

The Automation security setting can restrict the loading of the XLCubed ribbon if it is not set to Macros enabled (default) .

More information about this setting can be found in these TechNet articles:

Necessary Office components not installed

If the 'Visual Basic for Applications' and '.NET Programmability Support' components are not installed, functions and the ribbon/menu may not work.


  1. Go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs and select the entry for Microsoft Office.
  2. Change, Add or remove Features.
  3. Office Shared Features > Visual Basic for Applications – make sure there is not a cross against Visual Basic for Applications
  4. Microsoft Office Excel > .NET Programmability Support – make sure there is not a cross against .NET Programmability Support

Removing any disabled items from registry

Download & run the application from:


It will pop up a console window and then proceed to delete any disabled add-in entries in registry.

You are receiving an error while processing XLCubed.dna

There was an error during processing of C:\Program Files (x86)\XLCubed Ltd\XLCubed\XLCubed.dna:
There is an error in XML document (0, 0).
The type initializer for 'System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializationReader' threw an exception.

Follow the instructions given on this page: Error while processing XLCubed.dna.