Hierarchy Editor

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Double-clicking on a Grid's hierarchy label allows you to select the members using the Hierarchy Editor:


The dialog shows the hierarchy and its members. The tree can display either the members directly, or the members grouped by hierarchy level:


The tree can be expanded to its most detailed level where you can select values such as a specific name of a customer.

To select an item from the tree, either:

  • Double click on the item
  • Drag and drop the item into the right-hand selection area

To remove an item from the selection area, click on the delete icon at the end of the field. You can also reorder the selected items by dragging the hand icon.

If you have a large hierarchy you can use the Search toolbar field to allow you to search all levels of the hierarchy:


Having built a members list you can save it using the Save button. This can then be loaded into other reports.

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