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1. Go to your Windows Start button – you should see an entry ‘Enable or Disable XLCubed’.


2. If you do not see an entry on the Start button you will need to select ‘All Programs’, ‘XLCubed’ and then ‘Enable or Disable XLCubed V6’.


3. Select ‘Enable or Disable XLCubed’ and the following window should appear from which you can select the version of Excel in which the XLCubed ribbon is to be enabled.


4. Start Excel and the XLCubed ribbon should now appear.

5. In some circumstances the ribbon may still not appear – you will then need to check Disabled Items within Excel.

6. Select File, Options, Add-Ins as below:


7. Select Manage, Disabled Items from the drop down and Go.

8. If there are any Disabled Items they will appear in the following window.


9. You will have to select, enable and close this window before restarting Excel.

If your XLCubed tab still does not appear then go to: Enable Ribbon Other Options