Licensing XLCubed Web Edition

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XLCubedWeb licensing is based on a concurrent user model, a concurrent session is tied to the user's session managed by IIS. The default timeout of a session is 20 minutes of inactivity, there is also a "Log Out" option which will end the user's session immediately and release them from the concurrent user count.

If the number of concurrent users exceeds the licensed amount then any additional users will receive a "Too many users" error message.

Checking license

The Web Configuration tool will show you the number of concurrent users you are currently licensed for under the "Licensing tab"

Modifying session duration

To change the default sessions length from 20 minutes, you will need to launch Internet Information Services Manager on the web server, and go to the XLCubed Website and select "Session State":


You can change the session time out under the "Cookies" section:


Viewing active sessions

The easiest method to monitor currently active users is to use Performance Monitor, you need to select the event: "ASP.Net Applications" => "Sessions Active". You would need to limit this to the XLCubedWeb Instance if running more then one website on the same server.