Managing Favourites

Favourites are grouped by cube connection for clarity. They can be either saved locally or published to XLCubed web for sharing among workgroups. Favourites are similar to Grid Templates, but are managed within the XLCubed environment.

Grids can be saved as favourites for personal or shared use.

Saving favourites

Create a grid report in the Report Designer as usual. Click on the Favourites icon:


You will be prompted to enter a name and then click OK. This will add the report to your Favourites


Accessing favourites

Grids which have been saved as favourites can be inserted either from within the Report Designer, or from the XLCubed ribbon.

Edit or Delete Favourites

Under the Favourites ribbon menu, select Manage Favourites. You will be presented with a dialog with connections on the left and saved reports on the right. Right-click on a report to rename or delete it.

Sharing favourites with other Excel Edition users

This is intended as a way for Excel Edition users to share favourites. To enable this you publish them to the web rather than save locally.

Create grid report and save it as a favourite as before. You can make it a Web favourite by clicking Web button rather than OK. Connect to the web server, then select the folder to publish to.


All users who have appropriate repository permissions will be able to access these Web Favourites in XLCubed Excel Edition. Access saved favourites as before where you will see an option for Web Favourites.

Connect to your web server and you will be able to browse the Repository and select the report.


Sharing grid reports with other Web Edition users

The best way to do this is to create a new folder on the Web Edition with an appropriate name (e.g. Web Favourites), and then publish a series of starting point grids into this folder. Users can then open these up on the Web Edition as needed.

Any grid in XLCubed Web can be edited by right clicking on it and selecting 'Design grid'. Users are also able to add calculations, sorting etc. See Creating Reports in Web Edition.

Workbook Templates

You can publish the current workbook as a template to Web Edition. This can then be accessed and used as a starting point by users of XLCubed Excel Edition.

Create your workbook template and then select Publish Workbook as Template under Publish to Web icon


You will see the normal Publisher window and the Published Templates folder. You can right-click and add new top- or sub-folders as required. Give the template a name and click Publish.

The next time an Excel Edition user wants to this template they can access it from Favourites, Open Template. Connect to browse the Repository and they should see the templates stored in the Published Templates folder:


Select one and OK and they will be prompted to save their copy of the template workbook. Once saved they can make changes as required.