Member Properties in Grids

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Member properties (also known as attributes) are available in the Hierarchy Editor for the hierarchy that contains the properties, on the Display tab.

Both user-defined and system member properties are available, although system member properties can be hidden if desired.

Examples (using the Internet Sales cube)

We want to see the Birth Date of the Customers visible in the Grid.

  1. Start by inserting a Grid on the Internet Sales Cube. For details see Report Designer.
  2. Drag Measures to columns, and Customer to rows.
  3. Click on the Customer hierarchy to show its details in the bottom-right panel
  4. Select the Display tab, and tick the Birth Date member property:
  5. Click OK to insert the Grid
  6. There are no member properties visible yet: because the member property only applies to members at the Customer Key level, they will only be shown when we drill down, or if we select those members, so drill down until you can see the member properties
  7. We can change the display style in the Grid Properties dialog.