Multi-sheet Web Printing

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With v8, web reports can be configured to enable multi-selection printing or save to Excel. For example in the report below, slicers let the user choose the Month and the Point of Sale. A web based user can now generate a single PDF or static Excel workbook containing one page per slicer combination they specify.


This is enabled within the workbook options:


Firstly you can enable multi sheet printing (allows creation of a multi-sheet pdf) and/or save to Excel multi sheet which saves a static version of the workbook.

You also need to specify the worksheet(s) to be propagated and the slicers which can be used.

The custom multi sheet caption enables a custom title for the print dialog which will be shown in the published Web report. If this is not set, the additional print option is called 'multi-sheet print' (see below).


With the appropriate settings applied the workbook is then published as normal. When running in Web if the user chooses the option to Print they will be presented with the additional multi-select option: The user can then select slicer choices they wish to use:


A PDF file will be created with one page for each slicer selection. Save to Excel creates a workbook in the same way.