Multi-sheet Web Printing

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In v8 there is a new option to allow for printing and saving to Excel for multi-sheets. This option is enabled within workbook options:


You need to specify the worksheet that should be propagated and the slicers that should be used. Here’s a simple grid with a slicer on Measures:


My multi-sheet web printing options are:


Enable the multi sheet printing and/or save to Excel multi sheet - this saves a fixed version of the workbook. The custom multi sheet caption allows the user to enter a more meaningful title (see below). Also specify the worksheet that is to be propagated along with the slicers to use. Publish the workbook as normal – when running in Web if the user chooses the option to Print they will be presented with the additional multi-select option:


The user can then select slicer choices:


A PDF file will be created with one page for each slicer selection. Save to Excel creates a workbook in the same way.