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PdfBookPages/Excel Range Slicers Version 6.5

Slicer From a Range

Excel slicers allow the creation of a custom slicer, rather than one based on members in a cube. They are useful in the scenario where a slicer needs to be used to allow the selection of an item from a range of cells, then have the corresponding selection passed to another report as a parameter.

The slicer type, size and positioning can be formatted just as for Dimension Slicers.

Creating a Range Slicer

The screenshot below shows a selection list containing five countries, each with its corresponding country code. When the user selects a country, its corresponding country code should be displayed.


This can be done through an XLCubed slicer. Create a slicer as follows:

  1. On the Selection tab, set Slicer range to =$A$1:$B$5 (this is the range of cells where the country code and country name are held).
  1. On the Settings tab, check Update range with selection, select Unique Name and enter the cell location where you want the country code to be displayed. In our example it is B11.
  1. When the user clicks on a slicer option, in this case France, its corresponding country code is displayed in cell B11.