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Release Notes

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The following page lists new features added to XLCubed, each release will also contain general bug fixes



  • Better support for some @ style formula on the web
  • Multi-tenant App Service logon will no longer use external website for authentication


  • PowerPoint export supports multi-lined cells
  • Option to control layout of Dynamic Charts used as small multiples
  • Preview: Updated Dashboard task pane
  • Better support for Azure SQL in the SQL Query editor
  • Highly formatted textbox support in FastPDF/Powerpoint
  • Improved Template Table UI


  • Azure connections: renew authentication tickets automatically in more scenerios


  • Preview Option - new Table properties form
  • Preview Option - Improved Dymanic Chart Taskpane
  • Preview Option - Template tables
  • Business rules
  • Improved FastPDF support
  • Dynamic charts support in viewports
  • Hana - option to disable connection pooling


  • Option to turn off XLCubed when editing PowerPoint-embedded workbooks
  • Slicer searching support for more data sources
  • LinkTo option on Dashboard Labels
  • Additional Writeback information available in Web API


  • Workbook slicers support DAX slicers


  • Improved support for Azure Analysis Services/Multi-Tenant OAuth setups


  • Multi-sheet printing: New workbook option to allow "Select All" of members
  • Report exports added to tracking in SQL Repository
  • Improved report loading speed of workbooks with many linked Workbooks Slicers


  • New formula: XL3TrackChanges
  • New formula: XL3Filter
  • New multi-sheet printing option to associate sheets to specific slicers
  • More dynamic chart options to support IBCS


  • FIPS algorithm compliance


  • SQL Repo: Support for case-sensitive server collation
  • Performance improvement loading workbook with lots of aliases
  • Option to alias Dynamic chart Column/Row name
  • Integrated legend now supports "drag" resizing
  • All web popup dialogs work better on small devices


  • Various new dynamic chart options to continue to support IBCS standards


  • Options to handle Data Validation dropdown submit behaviour
  • Slicer lists - allow adding of relational connection slicers
  • Advanced member search support in SAP Hana


  • Add business rules support for dynamic chart formatting
  • Dynamic charts - lots of new options to support IBCS
  • Incell Compare chart support in Grids


  • Add TM1 support for CategoryCompare waterfall charts


  • Support for SSO provider initiated logon
  • Option to disable specific dialogs in XLCubedWeb
  • Multisheet printing: options for sheets to include at start and end of PDF
  • New options in XL3ReportInfo
  • New formula XL3ConnInfo
  • Initial support for Kyvos connections


  • Improved french translation


  • Support for 2 PowerBI connections in one workbook


  • Release version - see Version 10 for a list of all the new features