Removing Zeros from a Grid Report

To remove zeros values from a Grid Report, use the XLCubed > Apply > Filter > Remove Zeros right-click menu option.

This function adds an axis-wide filter to the Grid.


We'd like to remove any zero-valued members (in this case, the Additional Equipment and Other members) from the report.

  1. Right-click on the member that you want to filter against. In this example, we want to filter against the All Periods member, because we want to remove any members that are zero for all time:
  2. Remove Zeros 1.png
  3. Select the XLCubed > Apply > Filter > Remove Zeros menu option:
  4. Remove Zeros 2.png

  5. The zero-valued rows are removed from your report:
  6. Remove Zeros 3.png

Editing the Filter

  1. Open the Report Designer
  2. Double-click the blue icon added to the axis with the filter applied:
    Remove Zeros 4.png
  3. The filter is shown on the Axis Designer. You can now edit the filter in the same way as a normal filter, by clicking on the menu button and selecting Edit...:
    Remove Zeros 5.png

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