SparkBox Chart Designer

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This dialog is used to format any SparkBox In-Cell Chart in your report.

For details about how to invoke the dialog, see In-Cell Chart Designer.

Chart Options

The horizontal scale factor to use when drawing the chart
Use custom percentile boundries
A set of values to define the percentile boundaries for the box plot, these are:
  1. the sample minimum (smallest observation)
  2. the lower quartile or first quartile
  3. the median (middle value)
  4. the upper quartile or third quartile
  5. the sample maximum (largest observation)
Box Plot Anatomy 
The following diagram shows the anatomy of the XL3SparkBox diagram. The letters refer to the names of the colour selecting boxes in the SparkBox In-Cell Chart Dialogue.
XL3SparkBox BoxPlot.png
A Whisker
B Bar
C Box
D Median
E Border
F MeanDot
G UpperQuartile
Additional Values
New in Version 7.5 you can also plot additional values on the box plot, this could be the same values already used in the box plot to help visualize the distribution or another set of values to compare distribution:

Axis Options

Customise axis
Allows you to choose further options defining how the formula cell (for In-Cell Chart formulae), or the member name (when used in Grids) is rendered
Use title only
Uses the given text as a caption
Axis with tickmarks above
Draws a horizontal axis, with tickmarks and optional labels above the axis
Axis with tickmarks below
Draws a horizontal axis, with tickmarks and optional labels below the axis
Custom tickmark frequency
Overrides the automatic calculation of major tickmarks
Minor ticks per major tick
Adds the given number of minor (labelless) tickmarks between each major tickmark
Show labels on major ticks
Specifies whether numeric labels should be rendered for the axis
Number format
The format string to be used for the axis labels
Custom axis minimum
A value to use for the minimum horizontal axis value
Custom axis maximum
A value to use for the maximum horizontal axis value

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