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From Version 9.2 XLCubed add-in for Excel can connect to IBM TM1 and query it using MDX using the REST API. TM1 connections can be used to create Grids, Small Multiple Charts and Slicers in the same way as Analysis Services connections.

Client Configuration

You should type in the TM1 Admin Server address int he connection dialog to get the list of available databases.

This will normally be

  • http://<adminserver>:5895
  • https://<adminserver>:5898 (for https connections)

The port used can be changed by the server administrator, so if these don't work you chould check with them for the connection details. [1]

Server Configuration

Depending on how your TM1 authentication is configured, connection settings and defaults can be configured via XLCubed Options > Data Options > TM1 Options:

  • Check SSL certificates:
  • Use Server Name when connecting:
  • DefaultCAMNamespace:
  • Register TM1 function:
  • Convert TM1 Workbooks:

TM1-specific functionality

There are additional areas of TM1-specific funtionality :

  1. TMI subsets can be selected within the XLCubed member selector. They appear under the named sets grouping.
  2. Favourites – TM1 views are available to select from the Favourites dialogue. These will be displayed under the relevant connection in the favourites menu once the connection has been made.
  3. TM1 has a wide range of spreading shortcuts. XLCubed supports these when entered directly on a Grid or formula cell, but also provides a Data Spread wizard on the right click menu

  4. Run Turbo Integrator processes - These can be triggered using an XL3Link formula with special parameters
    Parameter Description
    LinkType This is the normal link type parameter, but must be set to 7 which indicates "Execte Script".
    "XL3Connection" Named parameter that indicates the connection to run the script on.
    "XL3ScriptName" Named parameter that is the script to execute.
    Script parameters Name/Value pairs of parameters to pass to the script.


    XL3Link("", "Run Script", 7, "XL3Connection", 1, "XL3ScriptName", "ProcessMyThings", "MyParameter", "123")