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The Analysis Services OLAP engine in Tabular mode has some missing features compared to the Multidimensional mode. The Tabular engine is used in Analysis Services on-premises, Analysis Services Azure and Power BI (desktop + cloud)

Among the features that Tbaular mode does not replicate are

  • Member translations
    • This allows multilingual display of a report based on the user.
    • e.g. An English speaker would see "Bikes" and a French speaker wouuld see "Vélo"
  • Member Keys, separate from the member Caption
    • This allows reports to be built with member selections maintained when a Caption changes
    • If you update a Caption in tabular mode and have a report filter containing that member, then the selection will no longer work.
      • In Power BI the old caption will be used, and the report will contain no data
      • In an Excel PivotTable the selection will be lost when the data is refreshed, and the default (All) member will be displayed instead.