Version 10

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What's new in Version 10

Main Additions

  • A new set of business-focused Dynamic Charts to support IBCS style best practice visualisation
  • Formatting and usability improvements to Small Multiples (now 'Dynamic Charts')
  • Support for IBM TM1, for both reporting and planning and budgeting
  • Gaps - easily add row and column breaks to XLCubed Grids for spacing and presentation
  • Member Search Option for Treeview Slicers
  • SSO support for XLCubedWeb

Charting & Data Visualisation

Dynamic Charts - Message Library

A new Library of Financially-focused interactive charts including:

Dynamic Charts - General

Small Multiples have been renamed to DynamicCharts, and include a range of improvements

  • New Message Chart Options area of the Dynamic Chart designer
  • Dynamic Charts auto-detect legend width
  • Options to have staggered labels in animated charts
  • New Dynamic Chart Ribbon for quick access to common operations
  • New formatting pane for quicker more intuitive chart formatting
  •  %percentage% label and tooltip option for 100% stacked chart types
  • Improved data label layout
  • Support for overlaying labels and lines on charts
  • Better transparency support
  • Improved Drilling
  • Improved Printing

Other Visualisation

  • New In-Cell chart: Comparison Charts
  • Maps now support data labels
  • Improved chart formatting
  • Resize to fit range option on all floating controls
  • Improved publication support for standard Excel waterfall charts



  • New connector for IBM TM1 / PAL
  • New connector for icCube
  • Support for enforced SAP HANA encryption
  • Breakout support for SAP HANA grids
  • Improved support for SAP HANA parameters


  • Improved startup and query performance
  • Allow parameter definitions for SQL Driven pivotviews



  • Gaps - easy addition of a row or column break within a grid for presentation and layout
  • Formatting Task pane for Dynamic Charts
  • Dynamic Chart Ribbon for common operations


  • Option to include a search option in Treeview Slicers


  • Grid Calculations - new option to show calcuation title in the first row of the members for cross-joined grids
  • Improved Grid formatting when using subtotals
  • Option to use alignment instead of spaces for Grid indentation
  • Gaps - easy addition of a row or column break within a grid for presentation and layout


  • Option to remove leading apostrophe to allow Excel calculations from SQL


  • Insert XL3Member now allows switching connection


  • Improved property searching
  • Comment Frames can now be copied
  • Improved very high-dpi handling
  • Installation includes sample reports

Web Edition Specific additions


  • Improved Slicer formatting


  • Writeback to grids in a viewport now supported


  • Multisheet support for Excel output
  • Scheduling allows reports to be run as a user, inheriting their permissions


  • Protect Worksheets when downloaded to Excel
  • Option to turn off ‘Adhoc’ and ‘Analytic Books’ functionality independently
  • Log downloads of reports (PDF, Excel Live, Excel Fixed, PPT)
  • XL3SetProperty - option to update the datalabels of a chart from an Excel Range
  • XL3CubeComment() can now be edited in calculated columns
  • Improved logging of invalid calculations
  • Improved operational dashboards to show system usage