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* [[Comments]] Allow attachments  
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* [[XL3CubeFormattedComment]]  
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* Comments improved handling of pasting from Word

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What's new in Version 9.1

Main Additions



  • Conditional formatting enhancements
  • Hidden MDX calculations in grids
  • Previous/Next member counts can come from a range
  • Grid custom MDX on Axis
  • Grid merging can be done on columns and rows independently
  • Grid option to display set members on headers
  • Grid option to "not merge where" can simplify MDX
  • Grid named range for members and data that excludes labels.
  • Grid named range for Last Cell. Useful for viewports e.g. based on Sheet1!A1:LastCell
  • Grid sort alphabetically button added to ribbon.
  • Member selections support Exists

Small Multiples

  • Small multiples can be customised per row
  • Small multiples data can be viewed in a table
  • Small multiples can have a button to clear selections
  • Small multiple bubble borders can have width customised
  • Small multiple dot plot borders can have width customised
  • Small multiples have apply button on the "Spacing" tab to preview changes
  • Small multiples have more flexibility to customise series appearance.
  • Small multiples support axis crossing properties
  • Small multiples support Pie and Doughnut chart types
  • Drilling still keeps slicer links


Excel Charting

  • Additional Excel Chart features supported for XLCubed Web publication:
    • Data tables in Excel charts
    • Leader lines in Excel charts
  • Additional Excel Chart types supported for XLCubed Web publication:
    • Waterfall charts
    • Histograms
    • Pareto charts


Pivot Views


  • MDX formula wizard
  • XL3Set
  • XL3GridArrayLookup and XL3TableArrayLookup
  • XL3ReportInfo
  • XL3SetProperty Additional functionality
    • Pagers
    • Shapes
    • Workbook Permission
    • Connection
    • Viewport
    • Chart axis crossing
  • XL3WebReportLink can link to a specific cell instead of a sheet
  • Formuale can optionally remove drill indicators from member text in case they reference a grid.
  • Picture links can get a cell address to jump to from a range.
  • Activate XL3Link option added to many controls.
    • When outputting a selection the XL3Link is activated which can clear out cell selections


Relational Connections



  • Dashboards Can add pagers
  • Dashboards can toggle auto-linking on/off.
  • Dashboards can mix connections from different cubes with varying hierarchies.
  • Can set rows and columns to have fixed sizes
  • Can include a "Zoom" option when published to view control full-page
  • Dashboard Labels can be named to easier track them

Supported backends

  • Improved Sap HANA connectivity


Excel Edition


  • Connection screen can filter connection types
  • Connection screen can import .odc files
  • Improved handling of protected and macro-enabled workbooks.
  • Measure group filter added to Hierarchy drop downs.
  • Named sets use display folders
  • Improved options screen with better High-DPI support
  • Faster Excel load time
  • "Designer Ribbon" to easily layout XLCubed Objects en masse
  • Can multi-select reports in Publishing to move between folders
  • Improved Small Multiple task pane

Custom Calculations

  • Custom calculation export can filter items exported.
  • Calculated members can be renamed directly in the member selector.


  • Can right-click on a selected member and "Show member in Tree"
  • Sort A-Z added to grid ribbon to sort members alphabetically
  • Show warning if grid links are being used


  • Can set defaults to use for new slicers

Web Edition



  • "Refresh on driving cells change" can optionally affect the web (new option)

SQL Repository

  • SQL Repository can hide folders or reports so they are only available through links
  • SQL Repository has colour coded folders on web
  • Relative path support for reports when using the SQL repository
  • Original workbook can be published to the repository so can be recovered at a later date


  • Multisheet printing on web names sheets after members
  • Multisheet printing improves page numbering consistency
  • Multisheet printing improves formula handing across sheets
  • Improved map printing on web
  • Option to include workbook slicers on a page in PDF
  • Better slicer and other XLCubed object positioning and sizing

Mobile App


  • Support zooming in offline reports
  • Support offline reports in Android
  • Allow offline reports to be refreshed
  • Allow scheduled refreshing of offline reports