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* New custom visual for embedding XLCubed elements inside Power BI reports
* New custom visual for embedding XLCubed elements inside Power BI reports
==Formulae== A
* [[XL3SetProperty]] extended
* [[XL3SetProperty]] extended
** Grid --> ShowDescendantCommnts
** Grid --> ShowDescendantCommnts

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What's new in Version 9.2

Main Additions



  • Query timeout option


  • Display folder support

Small Multiples

  • Better chart formatting and animation
  • Option to change major units
  • Enhanced Drilling options
  • More measures support in tooltips


  • Paged Viewports: Can output active overlay index to a cell
  • Marimekko charts

Pivot BI

  • New custom visual for embedding XLCubed elements inside Power BI reports

==Formulae== A

  • XL3SetProperty extended
    • Grid --> ShowDescendantCommnts
    • Dashboard --> Target
    • PagedViewport --> ActiveViewport
    • SmallMultipleChart/Slicer/Pager/Map/Viewport/PagedViewport/PowerBI --> Visible
    • SmallMultipleChart --> DataLabelsVisible


  • Email notifications
  • Attachments for Cube Comments
  • Cube comments allow showing which members the comment is attached to

Relational Connections

  • Custom connection string for some typed connections
  • Enhanced SQL Stored Procedure support


  • Schedules can now be 'Run Now'
  • Users can subscribe and unsubscribe from schedules
  • Protected workbooks remain protected when sent
  • Emails can include report images
  • Failure emails can be sent


  • Fixed size columns and rows are indicated with an asterisk (*)

Supported backends

  • Support XL3RunSqlProc with SAP HANA
  • Better Custom Calculations support on more server types


  • Workbooks can now have Aspects defined

Excel Edition


  • Better Worksheet copying
  • Holding Shift when opening a workbook allows all Grids to be set to Design Mode


  • Favourites

Web Edition


  • Logging for license usage
  • .url favourites support passing through parameters



  • Transparent picture links in PowerPoint exports
  • Multi-sheet printing supports ordering of slicers
  • Add option to only allow active sheet to be printed


  • SQL Connections now supported