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When you first connect to XLCubed Web Edition (the web address will depend upon your installation) you will see the Homepage:


See also V8 Web Interface.

The Homepage is divided into four main sections:


The toolbar is in two sections. On the left are navigational buttons that take you to various XLCubed screens. On the right are Report tools for manipulating the current report on screen.

In order the buttons are:


  • Home - returns the main report area to the startup page.
  • Create an AdHoc Grid - read more here.
  • Create an Analytics Book - read more here.
  • Help - opens the help file in a new window.
  • Logout - exit the application.
  • Expand / Collapse - resize the repository explorer on the left. ExpandCollapseArrow.PNG

The right side of the screen shows either previously opened, or bookmarked reports which are available for quick access. ReportFilterButtons.PNG


  • Submit Changes - made to member selection or cells unlocked in Excel when published.
  • Print - Create a Pdf of the current report.
  • Export - To Excel.
  • Download PowerPoint - read more here
  • Save - To Repository.
  • Save Custom View
  • Refresh - re-run the open report to get the newest data.

Report Tabs

The Tabs are found just below the XLCubed Web Edition banner. Initially no tabs are displayed. As you begin to explore reports you will see that as a report is opened or a new Ad Hoc report is created tabs will be added, allowing you to switch between reports, without having to return to the Homepage or Repository tab.

Once opened a report can be closed by clicking on the close icon on the right of the tab.

Report Area

The Report Area forms the bulk of the browser window and is where reports are displayed. Initially the Report Area displays the last five reports that you viewed. Error messages are also displayed here.


By default, the thumbnail image used to preview the report is generated automatically. This can, however, produce an undesirable image depending on the report size, content etc.

This image can be changed by opening the publisher window in Excel. Right click on the relevant report and select 'Manage'. Under the 'Preview Image' tab you can then either create a snapshot of a range of the report, load an image such as a company logo etc. or paste an image from the clipboard. You also have the option to blur the image.