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* [[Formula Reference]]
* [[Formula Reference]]
* [[XL3Link]]
* [[XL3Link]]
* [[XL3RunSqlProc2]]
* [[XL3RunSqlProc]]
* [[XL3TrackChanges]]
* [[XL3TrackChanges]]

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Filters a range by returning an array of only the changed rows, on the basis of a column tracking changed values (used in conjunction with XL3TrackChanges to track the changed rows and as an argument for XL3RunSQLProc2 to pass a table of rows to be updated by an SQL Stroed Procedure.


XL3Filter( Input, Filter )


Parameter Description
Input The range to watch for changes.
Filter The range (column) that contains TRUE values to corresponding changed rows.



Rows of the $A$4:$E$28 range for which the cell value is equal to TRUE for the same row in the $F$4:$F$28 range are returned.

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