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Available in V10.0.128+, allows a SQL Statement to be run when required (used in conjunction with XL3Link to trigger the execution)


XL3RunSQL2( ExcecuteSQL, Connection, Datasource, SQLStatement, @p1, @p2, ....,@p27)


Parameter Description
ExecuteSQL A cell reference that contains TRUE when the SQL Statement should be run. After execution the cell reference will be set to FALSE or an error message if an error occurred.
Connection The connection to use to connect to the database. This can either be the Connection ID of a workbook relational connection or a connection string.
Datasource Connection specific information, generally not needed and can be left blank
SQLStatement The SQL statement to run
[@p1..@p27] Optional - Parameters passed to the SQL, reference the parameters using @p1,@p2 in the SQL Statement. Strings will automatically get escaped with apostrophes



When J3 is set to TRUE (via an XL3Link) then the SQL statement in L3 is run using the connection 1 passing the parameter in L4. After completion J3 will be reset to FALSE - ready for the next update by an XL3Link. Note that to use this on XLCubed Web Edition, the XL3Link should be of type 3 (HyperLink with submit changes on web).

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