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Creates a hyperlink that opens an XLCubed Web report and optionally sets web parameters.

Use the Insert Formula > XL3WebReportLink menu or ribbon item to insert the formula using a wizard.


XL3WebReportLink( Report, [Link Text], [Link Type], [Param1], [Value1],…, [Param13], [Value13] )


Parameter Description
Report A piece of text, indicating the relative path of the report
Link Text The jump text or numeric value that is displayed in the cell. If Link Text is omitted, the cell displays the full web address as the text
Link Type The type of link. Only used from the XLCubed Web Edition
0 Existing window (default)
1 New window
Param1,…, ParamN The name of the web parameter where the following Value is placed when the link is followed
Value,…, ValueN The value that will passed to the corresponding web parameter


Create an XLCubed workbook with three XL3WebReportLink statements as below:


Each link has a corresponding XL3WebReportLink:

Test111 =XL3WebReportLink("test111.xml", "test111", 1, "closecopies", "true")

Web1 =XL3WebReportLink("web1.xml", "Web1", 0, "text", $G$2, "closecopies", "true")

Test2 =XL3WebReportLink("test2.xml","test2",1)

Publish this workbook and open in Web Edition:


Click on a link and the report opens.

Special Parameter Names

You can configure the workbook using parameters with reserved names. You do not add these using the Web Parameters screen, you simply specify them in the formula.

XL3WebReportLink(…[Standard parameters]…, [SpecialParameterName], [Value] )

Parameter Description
XL3ActiveWorksheetName The worksheet to display when the report link is opened
CloseCopies If set to true then when you click on a hyperlink to run subsequent reports, you will find the previous report has been closed. This stops the user having many windows open that all require closing manually.
XL3ReportType If specified, then the report will be downloaded instead of displayed in the browser.
Value Description
ExcelFixed A Excel file with active components converted to values
ExcelLive A live Excel file (requires XLCubed Excel Edition to use)
PDF A PDF file
XL3Tooltip The associated value is used as the tooltip. This is available from (Version 9).

Relative Paths

In Version 7.5 a relative path can be used by using the syntax "./Book2.xml" - this would load the report "Book2" from the same folder as the report containing the XL3WebReportLink.

Version 9.1 also supports relative paths with a SQL Repository

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