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XLCubed Business Rules

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XLCubed Dynamic Charts formatting can be modified from the XLCubedFormats and XLCubedBusinessRules sheets.

We can see that the default formatting for a Variance Waterfall chart can be seen below.

Default format for Variance Waterfall chart

We can override this formatting by specifying alternate values for the types used in the Waterfall chart, these being:

  • Positive Variance
  • Negative Variance
  • Total

These members are selected for configuration by using the 'Business Rules' keyword as the hierarchy.

New formatting for Waterfall types

If we refresh the waterfall chart seen above, we see that the new formats for the Positive, Negative and Total types are applied.

Updated formatting for Waterfall chart

Mapping XLCubedBusinessRules

The XLCubedBusinessRules sheet is included in the workbook from the XLCubed->Insert-> Business Chart menu.

Importing the Business Chart Rules sheet

The XLCubedBusinessRules sheet serves to map the predefined business rule types on to the hierarchy members where they are applied to.

It is possible to configure the XLCubedFormats sheet to apply custom formatting to the dynamic charts based on the mappings defined in the XLCubedBusinessRules sheet.

Ths XLCubedBusinessRules sheet is set up as follows:-

Business Rules

which corresponds to the following XLCubedFormats:-


Each chart is then formatted according to the formats defined for the scenarios:-

Customised Waterfall.png

Mapping of calculated members

The following example is of a Business Scenario chart which uses a calculated member for the Actual member.

The mapping for the calculated member 'my actual' is defined as follows on the XLCubedBusinessRules sheet:-

Mapping of the 'my actual' calculated member

The formatting can be specified on the XLCubedFormats sheet at the chart level. The 'Item Name' can be set on the chart as follows:-

Setting the Item Name property on the chart

We can now specify which formatting we want to apply at the chart level in the XLCubedFormats sheet.

Format by chart name

For the chart that we have called 'right_chart' we can apply a different format to that which we have called 'left_chart' as can be seen below.

Formatting by chart name


For the Business Rule formatting to apply it is necessary to un-check the formatting specified in the XLCubed Formatting pane (Dynamic Chart->Chart Styles->Formatting Pane)

Un select the formatting to be overridden