XLCubed Options/Version 7

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XLCubed options

These are the XLCubed installation level defaults which are applied to any new workbooks opened during the Excel session.

  • Main
    • Format File – the default FormatSheet location.
    • Default at level view in member tree – Sets the default view of hierarchies to be level based, rather than member based
    • Sort hierarchies alphabetically – rather than the cube defined order
    • Show dimensions in folders – Display folders shown at a level above the dimension rather than beneath the dimension
    • Limit number of members returned in tree to – limits to specified value in user interface
    • Show right-click menu option at top (restart Excel to apply) – The XLCubed right click menu option is by default at the bottom.
    • Use single members on filters – Implements ‘select and replace’ on hierarchies in the filter area of grids (selecting a member replaces any existing selected member)
    • Automatically select Children of first member
    • Display Dimension Name with Hierarchy Name – prefixes the hierarchy name with the dimension name
    • Auto apply changes in Task Pane – Grid task pane defaults to ‘Auto Apply’, i.e. changes are made instantaneously
    • Unicode Compatibility (Excel 2003) – ** Note should only be set in Excel 2003 / 2002 where Unicode member names exist. This is required for Unicode support in Excel versions pre 2007.

  • Publication
    • Default Web Address – the default web address for publishing
    • Maximum number of columns allowed – The maximum number of columns allowed per page
    • Maximum number of rows allowed – The maximum number of rows allowed per page
    • Log Publication Process – in the event of a problem, logs additional detail
    • Check Web Compatibility – checks the workbook pre-publication for any known compatibility issues.
  • Workshop defaults
    • Replace null values – Replaces null values with the contents of the field Replace null values with:
    • Remove nulls when drilling – If there are any null rows/columns when drilling down on a member, they will be removed so that there are no fully empty rows/columns in the report.
    • Remove 0 values when drilling - If there are any rows/columns when drilling down on a member that only contain zeros, they will be removed so that there are no zero rows/columns in the report.
    • Resize Columns after drilling – This allows a column to resize itself when drilled
    • Indent drilled members – When the user drills down on a member, they will be displayed indented

Workbook options

  • Workbook
    • Maximum calculation depth during grid refresh – Please do not change without checking first with XLCubed Support.
    • Refresh Format Sheet – This removes any customised formatting from workbook by replacing the existing FormatSheet sheet with the default sheet as defined in Options -> XLCubed Options -> Main.
  • Web publication

Specifies the behaviour and options available in the report once published to XLCubed Web.

    • Display Submit Changes – Controls display of Submit Changes toolbar button on XLCubed Web.
    • Allow Printing – Controls display of the Print toolbar button on XLCubed Web.
    • Allow save workbook to Excel – Controls display of save to Excel on XLCubed Web.
    • Allow save active sheet to Excel – Controls display of save to Excel on XLCubed Web.
    • Allow save to repository – Controls display of save to Repository on XLCubed Web.
    • Display Refresh button – Controls display of Refresh button on XLCubed Web.
    • Enable Right Click Menus – Controls availability of right click menus on XLCubed Web
    • Save Custom View – Controls availability of save custom view on XLCubed Web
    • Drill Formulae – Whether formulae can be drilled on XLCubed Web
    • Edit Member Formulae – Whether XL3Member formulae can be edited on XLCubed Web
    • Auto Reload – Whether the report auto-reloads if IIS has timed out due to inactivity
    • Edit XL3LookupRW without unlocking – Enable LookupRW formulae for editing
    • Open Links in same Window – Whether any XL3Link formulae to other websites or reports are opened in the same or different windows