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* [[XLCubed MSI Installation]]
* [[XLCubed MSI Installation]]
* [[Administrative XLCubed Installation]]
* [[Administrative XLCubed Installation]]
* [[Settings File Customisation]]
[[Category: Installation]]
[[Category: Installation]]

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To run the installation for XLCubed (v9.0 and newer) in silent mode, enter the following at command the command line to automatically download and install any prerequisites as well as XLCubed itself:

XLCubedInstaller.exe /quiet

If you would prefer to download all the prerequisites ahead of time (for example, if there is no internet access on the target computer), then you can run the following command line to create a folder containing all of the files in the correct layout. This can then be copied to a DVD or directly to the target computer:

XLCubedInstaller.exe /layout

Previous Versions

The Windows Installer MSI may be obtained by entering the following at the command line:

XLCubedInstaller.exe /ExtractCab

where XLCubedInstaller.exe should be replaced with the full path of the setup executable. This will extract the MSI into a subdirectory called SupportFiles. If desired, this MSI can then be invoked silently by passing the /qn switch:

msiexec.exe /i "MSINAME.msi" /qn

Using this method, any prerequisites must be installed manually.

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