XLCubed Web Proxy

XLCubed Excel and Web editions can connect to the XLCubed Web Proxy (Enterprise Plus customers only). This allows a set of cube and relational connections to be published to XLCubed clients.


  • Run the setup program while logged onto the server with administrator permissions.
  • This will create a new web application in IIS (XLCubedWebProxy, by default).
  • You will need to install the prerequisites as for XLCubed Web Edition.

Security Configuration

Select the XLCubedWebProxy directory and open the "Authentication" section.


Enable the desired authentication options, and ensure that the others are disabled.


If you do not have these options you must add them from Control Panel -> Programs -> Turn Windows features on or off


Windows Authentication

Authentication Using HTTPS web.config: on all bindings
Windows Yes <security mode="Transport"> <transport clientCredentialType="Windows"/> </security>
Windows No <security mode="TransportCredentialOnly"> <transport clientCredentialType="Windows"/> </security>

Basic Authentication

Authentication Using HTTPS? web.config – on all bindings
Basic Yes <security mode="Transport"> <transport clientCredentialType="Basic"/> </security>
Basic No <security mode="TransportCredentialOnly"> <transport clientCredentialType="Basic"/> </security>

Proxy Configuration

In the bin folder in the installation directory (usually at C:\inetpub\wwwroot\XLCubedWebProxy\bin will be the proxy configuration file, XLCubed.Data.Proxy.xml.

This will contain a <config> XML element, containing one multidimensionalserver or relationalserver for each connection that should be made available through the proxy. Examples are given below.

Multi-dimensional connections

     <database name="proxy database">
         <cube name="my cube">
           <connection id="1" name="">
             <variable type="String" name="server">
             <variable type="String" name="database">
             <variable type="String" name="cube">
             <writebacksetting />
             <variable type="Boolean" name="requirespassword">
               <prop name="MDXMissingMemberMode" value="Error" />

Relational connections

     <database name="proxy database">
       <sqlconnection id="1" connectiontype="0">
         <variable type="String" name="connectionstring">
           <value>Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=myRealServer;Initial Catalog=myRealDatabase;User Id=connectionUser;Password=SecurePassword</value>