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The XLCubed mobile app is available on the respective App stores for iOS and Android devices.


Once reports are published to XLCubed Web, they can be accessed on any device with a compatible browser, including smartphones and tablets. If reports will primarily be used on a mobile device it is best to size them accordingly, however larger reports can still of course be used. The mobile app is designed primarily around interactive and connected report access. It provides customised report navigation as shown below.

The XLCubed Mobile app is pre-loaded with a connection to our sample Web Edition server, which provides access to some example reports.


To set up access to your own Web Server, press the "Add" button on the repository viewer. You then need to complete the details below.

  • Name: The display name which you will see the server as within the app
  • URL: The URL path to the web server
  • Requires logon Enable this if the server needs authentication
  • Domain: The network domain which the web server is running on
  • User: The username you wish to use
  • Password: The password
  • Save Credentials Enable this to store the username and password
  • Browser-based logon Enable this if the XLCubedWeb server is accessed via a Web Portal that requires an interactive login
  • Use on Startup Enable this automatically connect to the server when the application is loaded

Touch Save when finished.

On each server you can swipe left (on Apple) or long press (on Android and Windows) to show the "Edit" and "Delete" options.

Once your server has been added, you can browse the Repository and select a report to run.


There are various icons in the toolbar or shown in the overflow menu which provide give extra functionality:

Icon Function
Toggles the repository view, and displays the report full screen.
Add to Favourites. The repository may contain a large number of reports, but there may be a relatively small number which you use regularly. These can be added as Favourites and are then accessible directly on the Favourites tab at the bottom of the repository viewer.
Download pdf. This saves the current view of the report as pdf locally on the device. This can then be viewed offline. Saved files can be accessed on the saved tab of the Repository viewer. If the workbook is multi-sheet print enabled you can optionally download and view the selections offline (Apple only)
Save to server. This saves the current view of the report to the XLCubed server, based on the feature being enabled for the current report and assuming the user has the required access levels
Switch sheet. This allows switching to different sheets within the report.
Refresh. This refreshes the current report.
Toggle workbook slicers. This hides and shows the workbook slicer pane.
Share. Use this option to email a copy of the report if viewing offline.

Report Navigation

XLCubed slicers operate in the same way as within the Excel or Web edition of the product for report selection.

To drill to the next level of detail in a grid, first select the cell. The cell is then highlighted, and pressing it again will drill down.