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Pager Properties

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This form has several properties that adjust how the table pager behaves.


Select what the pager will control
  • Table : Determines the table that is associated with this pager
  • Grid : New in v7.5 - Paging for grids. Determines the grid that is associated with this pager. You can select whether the paging is on grid rows or columns.
  • Repeater : New in v9.1 - Determine the repeater that is associated with this pager
Page size 
Sets how many rows/columns are displayed per page
Controls how the pager control behaves when cells around it are resized
  • Free Floating - the pager is not affected by any cell changes
  • Move - the pager moves when the cell it is on moves
  • Move and Size - the pager moves when the cell it is on moves, and is resized when cells beneath it are resized
Sets the pager controls horizontally or vertically
  • Show Texbox - determines whether the pager text is displayed ie "Page 1 of 4"


Give the pager a name. This is needed if using in conjunction with, for example, XL3SetProperty.
Toggle whether the slicer is enabled. If it is not enabled, it will not restrict the output of the report.
  • Page number - the number of the page currently being shown.
  • Page count - the total number of pages.
  • Page size - the number of rows/columns returned in each page.
  • Total count - the total number of rows/columns.
  • Current row - the number of the first row/column in the current page.


Determine whether the pager is ignored on downloading the published report to Excel or pdf.