Version 9.2 allows Enterprise XLCubedWeb users to configure alerts to be notified when a report is published or Cube Comments are entered.

Backend setup

To subscribe to alerts the users or the groups/roles they are a member of will need the "Can subscribe to events" option enabled.


The XLCubed Scheduling service must be running with the SMTP servers configured correctly

To be able to receive emails the user's active directory account will need the email property set.

Create Alerts

You can create and manage alerts in Excel by going to: Publish to Web -> Manage my alert subscriptions:


Cube Comments

You can set up a subscription for new Cube Comments for all comments or for a particular slice:



You can also optionally add a Workbook key, if you want to limit the alert to comments against a particular report with the same Cube comment key set

By default the alert will be "from" the user that entered the comment, with a subject of subset of the text in the comment. The content of the alert will be the fully formatted comment. These can be customised if needed:


Repository updates

An alert can be setup to monitor new published reports and/or update reports. You can also limit to a particular folder or for the entire repository.


By default the alert will be "from" the user that published the report, the subject will be the report published and the content will give a brief description of the change. You can customise this if needed:



If setting up the alert to provide an RSS feed, this can be limited to only show entries for the last x hours or to show them all. The RSS Url can be added to any RSS Feeder application that is able to directly access the XLCubedWeb server or used as part of a notification service to trigger additional events.


If set to send an email you will recieve an email when the trigger event happens, the email address is automatically picked up for your user


Emails will only be sent if the monitored event happens while the scheduling service is running.