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    This dialog is used to format any Dotplot In-Cell Charts in your report.

    For details about how to invoke the dialog, see In-Cell Chart Designer.

    Chart Options

    The horizontal scale factor to use when drawing the chart
    The colour to draw the plots
    Plot symbol
    There are two choices:
    1. Dot
    2. Circle
    Stacking type
    Based on the stacking type - the values will be grouped and drawn either varying the colour or the vertical position:
    1. None
    2. Vertical position
    3. Colour
    Stacking value type
    Defines how dots are stacked - the number of values, an alternate set of values or a random jitter:
    Count: the Y value is defined by the number of values that are the same (only applied when the Stacking Type is Position or Colour)
    Values: provide another range the same shape as the source values to allow plotting of specific X and Y values (only applied when the Stacking Type is Position or Colour)
    Jitter: the Y value is taken from a fixed set of random values to allow dots near each other to be easily distinguished (only applied when the Stacking Type is Position)


    Defines the Colours to use when stacking values


    Use title only
    Displays the text in the header cell for the charts
    Axis with tickmarks above
    Axis will have tickmarks above the base line
    Axis with tickmarks below
    Axis will have tickmarks below the base line
    Custom tickmark frequency
    Controls how often a axis value will be displayed
    Minor tick per major tick
    Number of ticks to appear inbetween each value
    Show labels on major ticks
    Controls when to display the values
    Number format
    Specify the number format for the tickmarks
    Custom x-axis min & Custom x-axis max
    Controls the horizontal maximums and minimums
    Custom y-axis min & Custom y-axis max
    Controls the maximums and minimums for when stacking is enabled

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