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Grid vs. Formula-based Reporting Key Differences

Grid reports Formulae
Grids are good for ad-hoc analysis, where the data needs to be sliced quickly. Drag and drop makes it easy to quickly change the data on show Formulae are good for reports with a static layout, where design can be used to emphasize and de-emphasize information as necessary
The report shape is always rectangular. Elements are always in familiar places Any formula can be in any cell. The shape of the report can be as flexible as is necessary
The Grid contains comprehensive information about one slice of the data Formulae can put the most important information in the most prominent position
Formats are created and maintained by the Grid. Complex OLAP-aware highlighting and conditional formatting are possible Formats are maintained by Excel. All of Excel's formatting options are available
Grids can be edited simply by using the Report Designer Once inserted, formulae must be edited individually, using the Edit Lookup dialog, or by hand
Grids are faster for very large numbers of cells Formulae are slower if the number of formulae is very large

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