Linking Grids

When using Grid reports it is possible to link multiple Grids together to be driven from the same hierarchy.

  1. Insert the two (or more) Grids that you require
  2. Select the Grid Links ribbon item (or in Excel 2003 and below, the XLCubed > Grid Links... menu item):
  3. GridLinksRibbon.png
  4. Select the Grid that you want to be the master in the dropdown:
  5. ManageReportLinksDialog.png
  6. Find the Grid that you want to be driven in the table, and click in the cells to select the hierarchies you want to be linked. Either a Two-Way link (changing either Grid will drive the other Grid) or a One-Way link (only changing one of the Grids will affect the link) can be selected.
Grid Link Types
GridLinkIcon(TwoWay).png Two-Way link
GridLinkIcon(OneWay).png One-Way link (the current selection is the master)
GridLinkIcon(OneWaySlave).png One-Way link (the current selection is the slave)

Linking means that whatever changes are made to the driving Grid's linked hierarchy will be reflected in the driven Grids. The actual result will depend upon the structure of the driven Grid. For example, if you linked on the Product hierarchy in the driven Grid and this appeared as a column in all the linked Grids then drilling down the Product column in the driving Grid will drill down all the Grids. This also applies to any member selection operations.

Grids can also be linked to Dimension Slicers and Small Multiple Charts.

From v7.6 onwards this option is available from the XLCubed ribbon > More > Grid Links.