Map place sets

Place sets allow plotting shapes or points on a map from named places. Several sets are included by default, and you can add your own custom sets if required. If you need to do this please contact for more information.

Built in place sets

Name Description
austriaregions Austrian regions
austriapostcode1 Austrian 1 digit postcodes
austriapostcode2 Austrian 2 digit postcodes
austriapostcode3 Austrian 3 digit postcodes
austriapostcode4 Austrian 4 digit postcodes
franceregions French regions
francedepartments French departements
francearrondissements French arrondissements
germanyregions1 German regions level 1
germanyregions2 German regions level 2
germanyregions3 German regions level 3
germanypostcode1 German 1 digit postcodes
germanypostcode2 German 2 digit postcodes
germanypostcode5 German 5 digit postcodes
swissadminareas Swiss administrative areas
swisspostcode1 Swiss 1 digit postcodes
swisspostcode2 Swiss 2 digit postcodes
swisspostcode3 Swiss 3 digit postcodes
swisspostcode4 Swiss 4 digit postcodes
ukcounties UK counties
ukpostcodeareas UK 1-2 letter postcodes
ukpostcodedistricts UK 2-4 letter/digit postcodes
russiafederaldistricts Russian federal districts
russiaregions Russian regions
canadaprovinces Canadian provinces
usastates USA states
usazip3 Swiss 3 digit zipcodes
usazip5 Swiss 5 digit zipcodes
usazip5 Swiss 5 digit zipcodes

The names can be used with XL3SetProperty to dynamically map different regions.