Named User Licensing


From Version 10 XLCubedWeb is licensed based on named users rather then number of concurrent users.

User experience

Each user (based on their Lan credentials) will be automatically allocated access the first time they connect, if the maximum number of users has been reached they will get an error message that the users are full.

Only users that have a Role membership will be allowed to access, users without membership will not be allowed to connect in the first place and will not take any of the license allocation.

Each user can open many different browser sessions and will only be counted once in the overall user usage.


If a user is no longer accessing XLCubedWeb and you want to release the license allocated to them you can delete them from the Users list using the SQL Repository Administration application.

The XLCubedWeb Configuration tool can be used to check the number of available users - if more users are needed please contact