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Paged Viewports

Paged Viewports extend the capabilities of standard Viewports in XLCubed. They allow different parts of the current workbook to be displayed in a centralised area, and for users to quickly and easily change what is being viewed. For example a user may have several icons available through which they can switch the display from a line chart, to a ranking chart or to a dynamic grid. The example below has 3 Paged Viewports to display differing view on separate aspects of the business, and a TreeMap looking at a consolidated sales view.

Users can easily switch what is being displayed in each Paged Viewport by clicking the icons on the top left.

Dashboard Designer

A Paged Viewport consists of:

1) Overlays. These are icons or images which the user can click on to either change the currently displayed Viewport, or to act as a hyperlink to move to another part of the workbook. XLCubed has an image library, or custom images can also be specified.

2) Viewports. These are dynamic windows onto another part of the workbook and can display any XLCubed or Excel content in the selected range or an Excel chart. They can be optionally set to 'scale' the selected range to fit the Viewport size, or if not scaled they will display scrollbars when required.

When adding a Paged Viewport from the XLCubed Visualise ribbon you first add an Overlay. Either select a custom file, or use a packaged image based on a search term. The colour scheme can also be varied here. The image can be sized and positioned as needed in the Layout Tab. The Click action tab defines what happens when the user clicks it. This can either display a specified Viewport or jump to another location in the workbook (in the same way as an XL3Link() formula). Choosing show Viewport lets you pick an existing Viewport, or add a new one. Additional Overlays and Viewports can be added and positioned as required within the Paged Viewport control.

Dashboard Designer

Background colour and borders can be set for the Paged Viewport on the properties tab.