Power BI Embedding in Excel

This feature allows you to embed Power BI reports in a workbook, and have the report connected to the workbook selections. It was introduced in Version 9.2.

Report setup

When you insert a Power BI report for the first time you will be prompted to log in to your Power BI account. This will control which reports you can select from.

Once you have selected a report you can set up Filters and Outputs.

  • Filters are sent to the Power BI report and filter the data displayed.
    • The filter values come from Excel cells, so you can use Slicers, XL3Link and other features to drive the report.
  • Outputs display the selections made in the Power BI report.
    • These populate Excel cells, and allow parts of the workbook to be driven from the Power BI selections.

In both cases you must enter the Table and Column names used by Power BI. These can be typed in directly, or picked from the available Tables if you have a connection to Power BI in the workbook.

These reports can be published to the web, where end users are prompted to log into their Power BI account when the report is loaded.