Release Notes

The following page lists new features added to XLCubed, each release will also contain general bug fixes



  • Resolved issue with asymmetric drilling
  • Support asymmetric drilling on Kyvos data sources


  • Fluence writeback update - Restore cursor after writeback


  • Spark Sql connector
  • Fixed: Writeback on Fluence doesn't include default members
  • Fixed: Named user licensing - creating User table entry even if user doesn't have access
  • Centrally disable workbook storing of Credentials
  • Specify Locale on startup for addin conflicts
  • Fixed: Fluence Portal - Aspects not saved
  • Allow insert tables for Kyvos and Incorta
  • Template Tables: add Range picker in formatting selector
  • XL3SetProperty should allow using captions if no unique name matches
  • Update to new PowerBI xlsx connection files
  • Fixed: Indenting formatting issue
  • Update Fluence naming conventions
  • Fixed: Custom calcs not registered for fluence sql pivot tables
  • Anaplan tenant and writeback improvements
  • Can't add calc columns to aggregate measures
  • Outlier grouping can error on waterfall chart against Tabular SSAS
  • Add ability to capture member expression from metadata
  • Task pane always displays layout of the first grid (new UI)
  • New UI: Grid designer advanced selections & Member properties
  • Add Rendering support to PowerShell
  • Support Trusted Publisher via group policy
  • Workbook Aspects don't reset slicer selections to default (all)


  • Scheduling service startup hotfix


internal only


  • New Web portal – updates and fixes
  • New Report Designer – support for member properties and other improvements
  • Allow DAX: in XL3LookupTabular()
  • Fluence – support GlobalVariables for Model name
  • Allow escape to cancel writeback editing without a warning
  • Latest IBCS standards updates
  • Fixed: Converting Qlik grids with dynamic measures errors
  • Data driven dashboard labels don't update on the web
  • Deal with ! in sheet name when parsing addresses
  • Fluence Tag reporting enhancements
  • Handle blank Favourite Names
  • Incorta - adjust page size based on current position
  • Incorta default member caption should be blank
  • MdxCalcs - genarate blank tuples as necessary
  • Measure search doesn't include calculated members
  • Member tree allow loading "More" into top level
  • XLCubed Powershell Cmdlet for automated report deployment/management
  • Slice highlights with blank members not handled correctly
  • Table properties - hide some tabs for Incorta
  • TM1 custom calc sets can error
  • Performance improvement for Workbook slicers – stop additional refreshes
  • Fluence – added “Level” property
  • Incorta add measure filters on tables, custom query on tables and improve timeout handling
  • Update Maps to use embedded Edge to address Google dropping IE support
  • Fluence: Web-based Model entry support
  • Enhanced logging capabilities


  • Updated “Preview UI”
  • Grid Designer
  • Publishing
  • Web Portal
  • Web Adhoc
  • "Clear and select members" bug fix
  • Business template table support for Fluence and Anaplan
  • Business charts turn off non-empty series to correct comparisons made
  • Template tables - don't flag rows as subtotals if member has no children
  • Commas in MDX statements in formulae can be replaced in non-US locales after pdf printing
  • Support MDX Calculations in Fluence & Anaplan
  • Hide levels MSAS MDX doesn't always work when drilling down
  • Misbehaving datasources can cause favourites to be deleted
  • XLCubedWeb: Anti CSRF checks + additional adhoc access checks
  • Powerpoint: Improved incell chart handling in grids
  • Fluence relational - handle quoting of reserved words
  • Fluence EffectiveDate - default to today
  • Add XL3SetProperty support for member properties for Grids
  • New formula XL3HierarchyRoleLookup
  • Proxy: Support SSAS Writeback
  • Chart taskpane colors checkbox
  • Proxy: Improve proxy with inaccessible/invalid connections
  • Add new function XL3DefaultMember()
  • Add DefaultMemberType to grids
  • Add support for #tag to Fluence range selections
  • Fluence improve #tag support in range driven reports
  • Viewport backcolour not applied to entire dashboard item
  • Multidimension Query - fix default members and add more search properties
  • Chart taskpane - category axis reverse order checkbox
  • Implement selection level for cube tree slicers
  • TM1 formula mdx fix
  • Fluence: Fix for publishing when user only has access to one tenant
  • Fix for XL3Link form inserts formula not cell address
  • Allow drilling on smc category labels for lolliplots
  • Updated dutch translations
  • Fluence data entry - support highlighting by tag in grids
  • Fixed: Workbook slicer pane can not have its bg colour set to "none"
  • Custom grid highlight ranges and writeback controlled by cell locking
  • Fluence comment web server fix
  • Powerpoint export: Closer match Excel character spacing
  • Powerpoint export: Better viewport support for inline incell charts
  • Incorta support paging members
  • Workbookslicer visibility issues
  • Fixed: Fast PDF regression
  • Incorta Scheduling support
  • Incorta slicers fix


  • Allow clearing of auth tokens on web
  • WebView2 - Fix apply IBCS issue
  • Clean up streams after use
  • Scheduling: save as Excel can get wrong file name when dynamic
  • App Service: Embedded scheduler fails with connection mapping enabled
  • New feature: Fixed header rows in Grids
  • Change default for "Disable unrelated columns in Tabular Designer" setting to false
  • Fix mdx syntax highlighting when query ends with ] and no new line
  • AppService installer: handle FTPS-only app services
  • Fixed: Quick search for measures doesn't work
  • Add Axis level custom queries for Incorta and Qlik
  • Pick range doesn't always hide all forms
  • Fluence metadata adapter can error on some published reports
  • Kyvos support for member key from range
  • MultidimensionalQuery calculations initial implementation
  • Reading function xml can error on empty elements
  • Fluence - support hierarchy aliases from properties
  • Preivew feature: improved web adhoc ui
  • Qlik paging for spaces and apps
  • Fix InsertFavourite for Fluence connections
  • Fix fluence query text for advanced selections


  • Fluence model data entry
  • Incorta updates
  • Default implicit measures on in new installations
  • Fluence native member alias support
  • Qlik improvements
  • Incorta enhancements
  • Qlik UI captions
  • Add flex drilling on levels to non-mdx data sources
  • Add alias support to Anaplan,Incorta,Qlik


  • Qlik updates
  • Handle 307 redirects with Proxy server auth
  • Fix regression of XL3RunSQLProc


  • Improve handling of waterfall comparisons on expenses/revenues
  • Improve handling of line breaks with words longer than a cell
  • Fix error with mixed compact axes and grid calculations
  • Fix for hang during comment formulae authentication check
  • Dynamic chart legend improvements
  • Add %distributionlist% placeholder to scheduling
  • Grid comment support in viewports
  • Member search support multiple criteria
  • Allow MDX: when defining member sets in Excel
  • Proxy: Relational parameters
  • XL3Jsonify Formula
  • Scheduling: Use Distribution List name instead of Guid when using %groupname%
  • TM1 web auth improvement
  • Publish connection form improvement
  • TM1 web auth improvements for ibm cloud sources
  • Don't retry logon attempts when un/pw is invalid
  • Fluence Writeback improvements
  • TableFilter may not update correctly on web when driven from range
  • Duplicate field names cause pivotview to error
  • Fix for hidden headers for Table
  • Improve XL3LookupTabular performance
  • Restrict business tables to valid connection types
  • Qlik cloud handle moved Apps
  • Create message can crash with invalid textbox in master template
  • Qlik performance improvement and setting removal
  • CubeBuilderShim, fix issues and improve performance of App Service PivotViews
  • Fluence tree slicer drilling
  • Optional WebView2 dynamic charts
  • Fluence Model View Support
  • Business table with template columns driven from range doesnt update on web
  • Improve Qlik connection item listing
  • Fluence API - Intrinsic Property support
  • Improvements to switching between MSAS and API Fluence connections


  • Allow editing of grid calcs when axis set driven from a range


  • Add extracted Scintilla binaries to Excel installers


  • Incorta - add support for picking attr hier as measure
  • PowerBI Premium powerbi:// web auth fix
  • Incorta int type fix


  • Fluence Pivotview support
  • Propagate Forumla creating duplicate grids
  • Handle Int32 in PivotViews
  • Fluence Table slicer support & Fluence writeback phase 1


  • Anaplan improvements and flunce set function support
  • TM1 OAuth improvement
  • TM1 Auth improvements for HttpOnly cookies
  • TM1 improve auth when at server vs db level
  • Anaplan - Support pivoting for cellsets > 2D
  • Anaplan Improve token refresh


  • New grid taskpane
  • Dynamic charts - copy animation settings
  • Template tables - option to compare vs Forecast for IBCS templates 2 and 4
  • Make table filter selections editable
  • Init Member Search UI with existing config
  • Qlik compact mode with nulls fix
  • Tooltips on Picturelinks
  • Edit Picturelink added to Excel right-click menu
  • Better resizing of Dashboards when XLCubed Taskpanes are shown/hidden
  • Localise dynamic charts in excel
  • Reset slider in small multiples when categories change
  • Show cube caption not name in connection dropdown
  • Clear progress spinner if listing cubes errors
  • Qlik - add support for using variables as measures
  • Order schedule execution according to next run time
  • Anaplan - support layout with only columns defined, only add view members once in a crossjoin, App Service installer: Always use slashless Url
  • Fluence scheduling groundwork
  • Anaplan - improve connection handling and security
  • Excel installer: include WebView2 bootstrapper
  • Improved Member Selection when adding business rules
  • "Delay control creation during load" option
  • Fluence API - allow partner hosting
  • PowerBI Auth update on Web
  • Whitelabel updates
  • Fix list method overriding


  • Fluence style - increase multi-select slicer min width
  • Delay in Selected items updating when setting "Initial selection" in Excel
  • TM1 Enhancements - cube picker and writeback
  • Business template tables allow comparing to forecast
  • Added blue headers to some options
  • Initial Fluence relational support
  • Hide incell chart formulae for template tables
  • "TheSans" better datalabel handling in Incell Chart
  • Updated XL3Lookup, CubeSliceEditor and add default member selection in xl3lookup in grid
  • Include Microsoft.Web.Scintilla in Excel setup
  • Include Microsoft.Web.WebView2 in Excel setup


  • Multiselect in Available Hierarchies
  • Chart defaults and save/load styles
  • TM1 cloud auth fix
  • Table filter improve blank handling
  • Some chart settings not being copied
  • Formatting fixed for Tables when Headers are hidden.
  • Reverse formats option of XL3SparkBar
  • Add chart axis option - auto min/max sets to zero
  • Speed up member tree view by enabling virtualization
  • Support Total page count on FastPDF output
  • Breakout % column to match grid font size
  • XL3Members should drill up even when they have very long member unique names
  • "ignore hierarchies" in comments no longer need to be the last dims on filters
  • TM1 auth and view fixes
  • Line charts with current month business rule error
  • Remove current sample reports and link to new ones
  • Chart taskpane - colour field in not visible and error changing chart type with xyz values
  • TM1 - test server ip address and host for connectivity
  • Fluence commenting
  • Support illegal characters in Connection Mapping for sql repo
  • Dutch translations
  • New Visual styles (Preview)
  • Option to change XLCubedWeb title (WebSiteTitle in web.config)
  • Fluence commentary
  • Fluence API Update
  • Update Microsoft.Identity.Client and Microsoft.Graph.Core versions in XLCubedWeb.csproj
  • Fluence small mults index fix when no row dimensions
  • Fix sparkbar and add error handling to sparklines


  • Qlik changes
  • Change connection defaults with evaluation license


  • Workbook slicers don't reshow when switching from the Formats sheet
  • ClickOnce: rename as FluenceXL and sign as Fluence
  • Proxy: Register logger stub
  • Enable AtScale connections
  • Remove current sample reports and link to new ones


  • Fluence updates


  • Add support for MFA when connecting to Azure Sql Server
  • Add TableFilter selection type:
  • Waterfall charts in PowerPoint & pdf
  • Option to use inline Incell Charts in Fixed Excel Exports (clearer but needs font installed)
  • Sort fluence folders alphabetically
  • Multipart number formats with thousand dividers not correctly applied
  • IBCS tables chart columns with missing formats can have previous format applied
  • Dashboard sheet with workbook slicers can have initial size rendered with scrollbars
  • Filter table selection item: add sort option
  • Web formulae with "ResetAddress" don't work when the reset cell is on another worksheet
  • New dashboard taskpane - hide/show all items
  • New dashboard taskpane - items context menu
  • Allow reference ranges on business charts
  • Waterfall category direction/colour can be incorrect if expenses are +ve
  • Waterfall chart fixes
  • Business chart task pane can error when there is missing series data
  • Freeze panes can be in wrong position
  • Improved support for xl3lookup with >20 hierarchies
  • Allow multi-drag of hierarchies in grid designer
  • White label updates
  • App Service - Azure SQL Authentication
  • Fluence style update
  • Improve handling of cell editing in sheets with merged cells
  • Remove member selection type menu for measures on the web
  • MDX formatting can be slow, timeout after 3 seconds
  • Add "between levels" selection type to web UI


  • Demo sample data


  • Pivotview update


  • Fix hierarchy unique names in TupleArray-s
  • Fluence api
  • Odata fixes
  • Small multiple task pane auto apply for agg setting
  • OData network creds and waterfall tabular calc fixes
  • Fluence tenant mapping


  • Snowflake connection type
  • Allow user to configure compact/attribute-drill per axes
  • Change default axes for drillable attributes
  • Correct comments typo
  • Compact mode can error if nothing on rows
  • Allow batching of writeback update statements
  • Proxy: avoid error messages in login window after login complete
  • Default cell format as locked
  • y2 axis tooltip incorrectly being set as htmltooltip
  • Date slicer not updating initial value on load
  • Clicks not registered through a viewport with alignment set
  • User's default aspect not saving without user defined aspects
  • Turn off y2 axis in ibcs style and separate axes colours in taskpane
  • Add "Drill Category" menu item on web small multiples
  • Preserve slicer visibility, and apply workbook slicer visibility from XL3SetProperty
  • Fix Table tree slicers outputting 2nd column
  • Merged cell roots should not be in hidden columns
  • Updated Dutch translations
  • XL3Filter works incorrectly with a single row of data
  • Pivot views handle all invalid chars in column names
  • New chart taskpane background
  • Print PDF with connection needing SSO prompt
  • Enable database creation from command line
  • Click off chart should clear the designer new task pane
  • Calculated members can break DAX translations
  • IBCS comparison waterfall can use incorrect filters
  • Try most recent id when connecting to Azure AD
  • Compact axes can error for empty cellsets
  • XL3DoComment - always use the canonical unique name


  • Fluence translation updates
  • Update wixproj files to support per-instance MSBuildExtensionsPath32 for pipeline build


  • Fluence - improved translations and hierarchy hiding


  • Fluence commentry
  • Fluence Display now and preview
  • Fluence - hide sharepoint option when publishing


  • Fluence - Publishing fixes


  • Tabular translations
  • Fluence - tabular translations
  • Rename Fluence ribbon to FluenceXL
  • Fluence - add SSAS connection when connecting and improved auth for publishing
  • Fluence - log out option for data connections


  • Fluence publishing
  • Fluence querying
  • SSO handle logon during formulae
  • Fluence API updates
  • Fluence ribbon icon colours
  • Fluence excel logon
  • Fluence publishing logon
  • AppService installer: add support for multiple Host Names
  • Fluence authentication updates including impersonation on web
  • Fluence "Publish to xlcubedweb" option
  • Fluence - hierarchy metadata changes
  • Excel Installer: Add Microsoft.Identity.Client and Microsoft.Identity.Client.Extensions.Msal
  • Fluence connections should only be available to Fluence license keys


  • Retry socket reset errors
  • AuthToken retrieval can error in Azure app service
  • Relational writeback to use db context
  • Add support for retrying commands to Com data accessor
  • Kyvos updates


  • Attempt to handle "Enable macros" prompt
  • Add HANA session context and MDX catalog context
  • Add XL3DoComment formula
  • Fix freeze pane when hidden rows or columns are contained before the freeze pane.
  • Labelled Control auto-wrapping fix
  • Download prerequisites from HTTPS only
  • Initialise CubeCommentController outside of the QueryCanceller to avoid "Cancel Query" prompt
  • App Service setup, handle invalid connection better
  • App Service setup, more detailed error messages
  • Custom calcuations on SSAS perspective can error when edited
  • Check for mdx missing member mode support before setting command prop
  • Change to more generic error message for file not found on opening web report
  • Handle chart overlays on chart areas with no series
  • Dutch translations
  • small multiples on sql connections driven from a range can error on opening worksheet
  • workbook slicers with initial value changes can cuase multiple refreshes work workbook objects
  • Sql parameters used with "IN" clause whose names are substrings of each other can cause invalid queries
  • Add more properties to slicer bulk edit
  • Allow setting a border on an Excel camera object
  • Log XL3MemberNavigate exceptions
  • XL3MemberNavigate doesn't correctly store duplicate captions stored in the same cell
  • Calculated columns error if grid is in attribute drilling mode
  • If just one invalid member when "Manage structure changes" then it is not shown as invalid


  • Web: Extra startup tracing


  • White label updates
  • Allow ignoring invalid members when member text not validated
  • Acterys
  • Kyvos add support for MDX missing member
  • Copy member validation mode in grid/table settings
  • kyvos and acterys updates


  • Allow context menus in workbook slicer trees
  • Dynamic Charts - option to hide null/zero data labels
  • Dynamic Charts - allow total in center for pie/doughnut chart types


  • New drilling mode: Attribute drilling paths on grids and template tables. Move attributes to Rows to define drill path
  • XLCubedWeb: Excel Chart Datatable improvements
  • General Performance improvements
  • Grid & Table ribbon handles erroring grid better


  • Option to show report name in repository tooltip
  • Handle tel: and callto: links on web
  • Improved donut and pie label support on web
  • Donut chart better border support
  • Allow custom calculation form to open when there are sets that contain syntax errors
  • Business chart improvements
  • Web build now strong-named: Custom Extensions will need to be compiled for each release
  • Ibcs icon changes and rule renaming
  • SQL Query builder improvements
  • Default InlineMicrocharts for new installs
  • Dashboard titles icon picker


  • Azure App Service scheduling support
  • Fixed: "More fields" not appearing


  • Better support for deep links between grids and dynamic charts
  • Improved "Available Hierarchy" searching
  • New right-click options on Tree slicers to select parent/children
  • Auto-create subtotals in drilled template tables
  • Option to return a blank cell from slicers if no selections are made
  • xl3activecelladdress parameter when opening a report will scroll to the cell if it's unlocked
  • Custom business rule formats
  • Improved Excel start-up speed with unavailable azure-storage mapped drives
  • Better format support for "XL3Link" columns in relational tables
  • Parent Child hierarchies can be created in Pivot-Views (right-click on the hierarchy in the Pivot view setup to configure)
  • Support "Startup report" with "Browser-based login" on XLCubed Mobile
  • TM1 - better handling when no measure hierarchy defined
  • New option to apply filters/set functions to drill results
  • Waterfall dynamic chart - better subtotalling and label positioning


  • Fix issue with some Tabular Analysis Services columns and tables not begin shown
  • Better support for display folders in Tabular Analysis Services


  • Better support for some @ style formula on the web
  • Multi-tenant App Service logon will no longer use external website for authentication


  • PowerPoint export supports multi-lined cells
  • Option to control layout of Dynamic Charts used as small multiples
  • Preview: Updated Dashboard task pane
  • Better support for Azure SQL in the SQL Query editor
  • Highly formatted textbox support in FastPDF/Powerpoint
  • Improved Template Table UI


  • Azure connections: renew authentication tickets automatically in more scenerios


  • Preview Option - new Table properties form
  • Preview Option - Improved Dymanic Chart Taskpane
  • Preview Option - Template tables
  • Business rules
  • Improved FastPDF support
  • Dynamic charts support in viewports
  • Hana - option to disable connection pooling


  • Option to turn off XLCubed when editing PowerPoint-embedded workbooks
  • Slicer searching support for more data sources
  • LinkTo option on Dashboard Labels
  • Additional Writeback information available in Web API


  • Workbook slicers support DAX slicers


  • Improved support for Azure Analysis Services/Multi-Tenant OAuth setups


  • Multi-sheet printing: New workbook option to allow "Select All" of members
  • Report exports added to tracking in SQL Repository
  • Improved report loading speed of workbooks with many linked Workbooks Slicers


  • New formula: XL3TrackChanges
  • New formula: XL3Filter
  • New multi-sheet printing option to associate sheets to specific slicers
  • More dynamic chart options to support IBCS


  • FIPS algorithm compliance


  • SQL Repo: Support for case-sensitive server collation
  • Performance improvement loading workbook with lots of aliases
  • Option to alias Dynamic chart Column/Row name
  • Integrated legend now supports "drag" resizing
  • All web popup dialogs work better on small devices


  • Various new dynamic chart options to continue to support IBCS standards


  • Options to handle Data Validation dropdown submit behaviour
  • Slicer lists - allow adding of relational connection slicers
  • Advanced member search support in SAP Hana


  • Add business rules support for dynamic chart formatting
  • Dynamic charts - lots of new options to support IBCS
  • Incell Compare chart support in Grids


  • Add TM1 support for CategoryCompare waterfall charts


  • Support for SSO provider initiated logon
  • Option to disable specific dialogs in XLCubedWeb
  • Multisheet printing: options for sheets to include at start and end of PDF
  • New options in XL3ReportInfo
  • New formula XL3ConnInfo
  • Initial support for Kyvos connections


  • Improved french translation


  • Support for 2 PowerBI connections in one workbook


  • Release version - see Version 10 for a list of all the new features