Remove Default Member Linked Grid

When linking grids together it possible that the driving grid can return no data which results in the default member of the linked dimension being returned to the secondary grid. Often when this is the case we would like the secondary grid to display no data rather than display the data based on the default member for the driving grid.

In this example, I have 2 linked grids:-

2 Linked Grids

The Date.Calendar members have been chosen within the Grid Designer.

If I select Australia, there is no data for CY 2012 or CY 2013, so the linked grid receives the default member:- All Periods

Empty Driving Grid

Really what we want to happen is for the linked grid not to display anything if the default member is returned to it.

This can be achieved from the Grid Designer.

Select the linked dimension, which in this example is Date.Calendar, and go to the Advanced tab:-

Report Designer

Then (see diagram below) 1) Click the Member Lists button 2) Click the Default Member button 3) Click on the middle element and remove it.

Advanced Member Selection

Set the Subtract option:-

Subtract Member

Finally, click OK on the Grid Designer form.

This means that when the default member is returned by the empty grid to the linked grid, the default member will be removed from the list:-

Empty Linked Grids