Rest Queries

XLCubed allows you to connect directly to REST datasources to build tables. This was added in Version 9.1


Rest is a connection type in the XLCubed connections screen. You don't need to enter any details, just press OK.

You can optionally add a username and password, in this case these will be sent using Basic authentication.



Query Properties

  • Query: You can enter the data source url directly, or drive it from an Excel Range
  • Parameters: An Excel range with two columns, for parameter names and values. These will be appended to the querystring.
  • Send Content-Type: Sets the "Accept" content type header when the request is run.
  • Mode: Format of the returned data.

Response Properties

You can the configure how the response will be handled. This varies by data format, and allows you to handle data from various locales.

For Xml and Json formats you can specify

  • The path to the items to select if they are not at the root of the document
  • The elements to select as columns for each item