SQL Data Tables (Standard Users)

XLCubed can query your relational databases directly. Similar to Grids, the relational query can be seamlessly built into an interactive report using SQL Slicers (Standard Users) and dynamic Excel ranges.

Inserting a SQL Data Table

  1. Select the XLCubed > Insert Data Table > SQL... button from the XLCubed ribbon.
  2. RelationalTable0.png
  3. Enter the name of the XLCubed web site to connect to:
  4. PublishedSql1.png
  5. Select the desired query and click OK to continue:
  6. PublishedSql2.png
  7. If applicable, enter the parameters you wish to use.
  8. The SQL table will be inserted at the point you selected.
  9. RelationalTable2.png

Using Parameters

When inserting a query, parameters will be automatically discovered by XLCubed and made available for editing. The parameter values can be supplied as a static value, pulled in from an Excel range, or driven by a SQL Slicer. See Using SQL Parameters for more details.

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